This energy blog was created to provide a tool for developing a deeper understanding of the energy consumption/production cycle that, at present, directs the world’s sociopolitical and economic interests. The topic of energy consumption and production remains one of the most basic and fundamental issues directing national policy here in the US as well as international relations abroad. As this topic gains increasing focus in the public domain, arising in highly charged political debates and extremely well-funded commercial marketing campaigns, a clear, persistent, and dangerously detached misunderstanding of world energy dynamics has emerged.

With larger and larger quantities of data being presented to the public on a day-to-day basis in the form of infomercials, pop-up ads, and slick marketing slogans seemingly designed to implant a distorted and beguiling misunderstanding of some of the most basic features of the topic, it has become increasingly important to develop a staging ground and discussion space for serious re-evaluation of some of the basic underlying precepts of energy dynamics.

This blog is an attempt to parse and organize some of the existing data, separating the things we know and understand from the things we infer and project. The goal of this blog is to develop and emphasize the discerning metrics capable of circumscribing the production/consumption cycle, and to raise some important, and often largely muted questions about the state of the global energy crisis.

Since this blog is first meant to help develop intuition in many technical topics, some details of the system are identified to supersede others, and as the topic is a rather large one choices must be made in the name of conceptual accessibility. For a slightly more involved overview of the underlying philosophy of the blog, see the Apologia.

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