Yifan Zhang

Welcome to my home page! I am a PhD student at the Oden Institute for Computational Engineering and Sciences, University of Texas at Austin (2020-). My advisor is Joe Kileel. For my recent research activities and more about me, please see my CV (updated 2022.10).

My research interest is in numerical linear algebra and probability, in particular tensor problems, randomized numerical algorithms, and applications to data science related problems. Before coming to UT Austin, I completed my undergraduate study at UIUC, where I learned a great deal from my research advisors Edgar Solomonik, Florin Boca, Adam Dor-On, Partha Dey.


Email (utexas.edu): yf.zhang
3SEo7B, Peter O'Donnell Jr. Building,
201 E. 24th Street,
Austin, TX 78712.