Download DG-SWEM and online content

DG-SWEM is available for download through github. The reposisoty is openly available to anyone, though (at present) we are tracking users for internal purposes. In order to get the repository, please create a github account.

Once you have done so, join the DG-SWEM google groups online forum and start a new topic called “Access.” You will be added to the forum and given access to the repository at this point.

The online forum is intended to help DG-SWEM users and developers to improve and learn how to use the code. Please feel free to ask any question there, or to answer any question you feel qualified to respond to. This is a friendly environment, and is entirely intended to help the user community grow and flourish.

Using the repository

Now that you have access to the git repository, all you need to do is clone the repository to your local machine. If you are using environment modules, please remeber to load git, etc.,

$ module load git

Now simply close the repository to your local machines typing:

$ git clone

The structure of the repository consists of an out directory “dgswem,” with five directories inside, “metis,” “prep,” “src,” “swan,” and “work.”

To update your version of the git at any time, from the outer directory you can simply run:

$ git pull

If you would like to push changes to the code, make your own branch of the code, or fork the code to your github account, please read through the git cheat sheet, or if you are still stuck, you can ask on the online forum.

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